Women and Economic Development

Dr. Rose-Marie Avin

Provides economic, institutional, and feminist frameworks for understanding socio-economic realities of women in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Topics analyzed include changing roles of women in economy and household during the process of economic development.

Meet the Professor!

I'm originally from Haiti and I have been teaching in Eau Claire since the fall of 1987. My areas of teaching are the economies of the developing world, the economies of Latin America, and women in the developing world. My research interests focus on women in the developing world, especially in Nicaragua. I have written articles on gender issues in Latin America, more specifically on economic restructuring, the empowerment of Nicaraguan women, free-trade zones, the changing economic role of women in Brazil, women in the informal sector in India, and the role of international organizations in economic development. Although I have visited may developing countries, the countries that I have studied in more depth include Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Vietnam and Nicaragua.