Introduction to the Religions of the World

Professor Stephen Spina

One of the final units in Introduction to the Religions of the World pertains to Christianity and Islam. Mr. Spina provides overheads that outline course content during lectures, and comprehensive study guides for tests. Also featured is a video describing his Direct Experience assignment and the reasoning behind it. The video also has scenes from a trip to the Twin Cities to visit a Hindu temple and Islamic Mosque

Meet the Professor!

Steve Spina has been an adjunct instructor in Philosophy & Religious Studies at UWEC since the fall of 1999, where he has most regularly taught the popular G.E. course, RELS 100 ?Introduction to Religions of the World?. Every fall he teaches two First Year Experience sections of the same course, along with another section for the Collegiate Bridge Program. In April of 2006 he won the ?Achieving Excellence? award from UWEC Student Development and Diversity. His areas of interest and study include inter-religious understanding and cooperation, especially as informed by an integral theory of human development.