Course Department Number Instructor
Principles of Accounting ACCT 201 Professor DeeAnne Peterson-Meyer
Personal Branding: The Art and Science of Selling Yourself BSAD 191 Dr. Charles Tomkovick
General Chemistry CHEM 103 Professor Chris Rohde
Beginning Chinese CHIN 102 Dr. Kaishan Kong
Communication in the Information Age CJ 105 Dr. David Tschida
Intercultural Communication CJ 301 Dr. David Tschida
Interpersonal Communication CJ 201 Dr. Karen Morris
Fundamentals of Speech CJ 202 Dr. Barbara Arnold
American Sign Language I CSD 101 Professor Nicole Jones
Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders CSD 150 Professor Shannon Collins
Survey of the Criminal Justice System CRMJ 103 Dr. Justin Patchin
Introduction to Microeconomics ECON 103 Dr. Eric Jamelske
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 104 Dr. David Schaffer
Women and Economic Development ECON 357 Dr. Rose-Marie Avin
Historical, Legal and Philosophical Foundations of Education ES 490 Dr. Eric Torres
Initial Teaching Experience in Elementary, Middle and High School Settings ES 212 Dr. Michael Kolis
Introduction to College English ENGL 110 Dr. Joel Pace
Introduction To Texts ENGL 210 Dr. Stacey Thompson
Epidemiology ENPH 450 Dr. Christine Gabel
Introduction to Environmental Health ENPH 110 Dr. Laura Suppes
Beginner French 2 FREN 102 Dr. Jessica Miller
Human Geography GEOG 111 Dr. Paul Kaldjian
Weather and Society GEOG 341 Dr. Joseph Hupy
Military Geography GEOG 388 Dr. Joseph Hupy
Geospatial Field Methods GEOG 336 Dr. Joseph Hupy
GEOL 102 Professor Kent Syverson
Environmental Geology GEOL 115 Professor Lori Snyder
Geology of Our National Parks and Monuments GEOL 201 Professor Lori Snyder
Intermediate German I GERM 201 Dr. Martina Lindseth
Intro to German GERM 122 Dr. Steven Majstorovic
Intermediate German 1 GERM 201 Dr. Martina Lindseth
Origins of Current World Conflicts HIST 292 Dr. Patricia Turner
U.S. History to 1877 HIST 114 Dr. James Oberly
World History Since 1500 HIST 125 Dr. James Oberly
Systems Analysis and Design IS 310 Dr. Jean Pratt
Information Systems in Business IS 240 Professor Donald Gaber
Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience IDIS 125 Dr. Daniel Janik
Overview of the U.S. Health Care System: A policy Perspective IDIS 201 Dr. Kevin Hansen
Anatomical Kinesiology KINS 294 Professor Tadd Turnquist
Health Concepts and Health Related Fitness KINS 186 Dr. Tracy Yengo
Introduction to Latin American Studies LAS 150 Dr. Gerardo Licon
Music and Dance of Latin America LAS 314 Dr. Gerardo Licon
Children's Literature LMED 305 Professor Robert Reid
Organizational Behavior MGMT 340 Professor Justin Gardner
Strategic Management in a Global Business Environment MGMT 449 Dr. Todd Hostager
Algebra for Calculus MATH 109 Dr. Michael Penkava
Algebra for Calculus MATH 109 Dr. Carolyn Otto
Calculus III MATH 216 Dr. Simei Tong
Elementary Statistics MATH 246 Dr. Charles Serros
Symphony Band MUSI 180 Dr. Phillip Ostrander
Global Roots of Music in the United States MUSI 111 Professor Lee Anna Rasar
Folk Guitar in Culture across Time MUSI 116 Professor Lee Anna Rasar
Choral Literature and Conducting MUED 400 Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff
Astronomy Stars and Galaxies PHYS 229 Dr. Paul Thomas
Introduction to World Politics POLS 122 Dr. Ali Abootalebi
Introduction to Comparative Government POLS 260 Dr. Steven Majstorovic
Politics of Asia POLS 324 Dr. Eunsook Jung
Judicial Politics POLS 338 Dr. Eric Kasper
Political Science POLS 330 Dr. Stephen Hill
Problems of Developing Nations POLS 265 Dr. Eunsook Jung
Human Development PSYC 230 Dr. Jarrod Hines
Old Testament and Hebrew Bible RELS 230 Dr. Jonathan Paradise
Introduction to the Religions of the World RELS 100 Professor Stephen Spina
Introduction to Sociology SOC 101 Dr. Vicky Crane
Latinos in the US SPAN 312 Dr. Manuel Fernandez
Beginning Spanish II SPAN 102 Dr. Meghan Licon
Theatre Appreciation THEA 101 Dr. Amanda Profaizer
Costume Technology THEA 224 Dr. Amanda Profaizer
Women of the American Civil Rights Movement WMNS 222 Professor Jodi Thesing-Ritter
U.S. Women?s Experience: Gender, Race, and Class WMNS 100 Dr. Jamie Browning
Women's Studies Introductory Travel Seminar WMNS 222 Professor Jodi Thesing-Ritter
Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading & Writing WRIT 116 Dr. Benjamin Hollars
Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing WRIT 114 Dr. Michael Faris
Accelerated Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing WRIT 118 Professor Deborah Ernie
Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing WRIT 114 Dr. Peter Knutson