Human Rights and Global Justice

Dr. Donald Mowry

Course Description

The Human Rights and Global Justice course seeks to provide students with a basic understanding two pressing social issues. First, the challenges which confront individuals and families who are not being accorded basic, universal human rights, and the impacts that this has on their lives and liberties, on societies, and an understanding of the social policy options that have been used or might be used to redress their injustices. Second, students will acquire a basic understanding of the notion of social justice and its relationship to the values of universal human rights. Human Rights and Global Justice will give students an understanding of the importance of tackling social issues from a number of different perspectives by bringing together resources from a number of disciplines. This course will also expose students to a number of service-learning opportunities in the greater community and challenge them to generate ideas and actions that will contribute to more effective ways of fighting poverty and social injustice, both locally and globally. Each week lab time will be devoted to exploring the greater community.