Social Foundations of Human Relations

Dr. Eric Torres

Course Description

Focusing on the social and historical contexts of schooling and education this course is a critical reflection of the impact of race, class, gender, language, sexual orientation, disability, and other constructed differences on human relations in the context of a democratic society. Through a critical inquiry into the history, research outcomes, theoretical foundations, and policy debates that frame this terrain, my students become aware of and explore: · The processes of formation of individual and collective identities, and how they are embedded in the larger scenarios of public education, social relations, and culture production and reproduction; · The way in which educational practices, policies, and institutions can either promote or constrain high academic achievement and healthy appreciation of the self for all students; · The role that educators play in the reinforcement or disruption of unhealthy and/or uncritical pedagogical practices in schools; and · The importance of thoughtful consideration and critical approach to understanding diverse learners in the context of relations of power and equitable education.