Historical, Legal and Philosophical Foundations of Education

Dr. Eric Torres

Course Description

This course explores educational questions from legal, historical, and philosophical perspectives. It is intended to provide a solid foundation for educational practice that is guided by sound reasoning and principles informed by those different perspectives. Through reading, reflections, and discussion we will address questions such as: • What are the purposes of education and schooling? • How do history, the political economy, and the social framework affect school policy and classroom practice? • What classical and contemporary philosophies interrogate issues of schooling and education, and how do these inform and challenge how we tend to think about education in current discourses? • How should people be educated and schooled? • Who should be educated and schooled? • What is the role of education and schooling in the larger society? • How has education, schooling, teaching, and learning changed and/or remained the same over time? • What legal rights and responsibilities are associated with schooling and teaching? • How do the historical, philosophical and legal foundations of education and schooling intersect with my personal history and beliefs?