Dr. Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen

Nancy has been teaching at UWEC on an adjunct basis for 17 years. Her doctoral degree is educational leadership with an emphasis in ethics and human resource law. Her dissertation focused on perceptions of disability in the workplace and this continues to be her research area of interest as well as ethics and diversity issues. Dr. Hanson-Rasmussen enjoys teaching both face-to-face courses and online courses as well as developing courses. Her courses include: Diversity in the Workplace, Organizational Behavior, Leadership in the Era of Green, Ethics and Social Responsibility, and Leadership and Organizational Management for MBA students. Non-teaching experience includes 13 years in middle management for the City of E.C. Parks and Recreation department and work as a corporate trainer and curriculum developer for United Health Group. She is involved in a number of community groups and has recently become a member of the Dismantling Racism Change Team. Nancy encourages students with an interest in faculty-student collaborative research in the areas of diversity, sustainability or leadership to contact her.