Dr. Michael Faris

Michael J. Faris is an Assistant Professor in the English Department, where he teaches the Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing, other writing and rhetoric courses, and Topics in Popular Culture (which has been themed "Social Media and Society" and "Gender and 21st Century Pop Music"). He also teaches queer theory in the Women's Studies program. Professor Faris is currently working on a book about privacy and social media, and spends his time researching digital reading and writing practices. A native of southern Iowa (yep, you'll hear him say "y'all"), Faris went to Iowa State for his undergraduate degree and taught middle school in rural Iowa for a few years before moving to Oregon to study at Oregon State. There he earned his master's degree, and he earned his PhD at Penn State. Faris adores Eau Claire, especially because it is so beautiful in the summer and has some great coffee shops (he's at the Goat and Racy's a lot). When he isn't working, Faris is mostly likely enjoying Netflix or snuggling with his cat, Marzipan.