Dr. Christine Gabel

Dr. Gabel has a veterinary degree (from the U of MN, St. Paul Veterinary college), a doctorate in environmental epidemiology (from the U of MN, Minneapolis campus, school of Public Health) and was in the inaugural group to be Certified in Public Health, certified in 2009. Dr. Gabel has taught epidemiology at UW ? Eau Claire for over 15 years, initially as an adjunct while working on her PhD, next as an Assistant Professor and now as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Environmental Public Health program. Initially, she was in pursuit of a master?s degree and intended to work in a state or local health department. Along the way, Dr. Gabel took an injury prevention and control class and decided that would be her focus. She did research on injuries among practicing veterinarians and confirmed that it is still dangerous to try to hold a cat. Prior to that, Dr. Gabel practiced veterinary medicine both large animal (cows) and small (dogs, cats) and completed a residency in veterinary microbiology. Currently, Dr. Gabel remains a Minnesota resident, renting a house in Eau Claire so she can be on campus most of the week. Dr. Gabel?s two cats travel back and forth with her and she is shopping for a new dog to replace her sheltie that died. Besides an interest in the environment, public health and preventing disease and injury, Dr. Gabel also rings handbells in a choir, participates in dog events and dog clubs, and is beginning work on a project to try to reduce the incidence of dog bites.