Dr. Michael Penkava

Dr. Michael Penkava is in his 16th year of teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He received a Liberal Arts degree from Raymond College before later going on to obtain his Masters and Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California. He taught at UC-Davis for one year after obtaining his Ph.D. and has taught there during his two sabbaticals. His specialty is algebra, he has been teaching abstract algebra for a long time. Dr. Penkava teaches a variety of courses such as Math 111-A Short Course in Calculus, Math 215 and 216-Calculus I and II respectively, Math 311-Differential Equations and Math 425-Abstract Algebra I, among others. His non-teaching experience includes working 19 years as a night auditor at a popular boutique hotel in San Francisco and spending years designing computer programs for capturing information to make marketing decisions and to generate reports on the business. Dr. Penkava's research interests include algebraic structures arising in mathematical physics, non-commutative geometry and deformations of Poisson algebras.