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CJ 184 - Professor Ellen Mahaffy

Honors - Multimedia Communication

The course will introduce students to the various medias, key concepts and practices used to deliver mediated messages, including print, photo, audio, video and web technologies.

Meet the Professor

After earning my BFA in photography I could have become a commercial photographer, who created images for others. Instead I remained committed to fine art photography, and supplemented my income by with jobs in sales, photo assisting, freelance, and darkroom work. Graduate school at the Visual Studies Workshop expanded my photographic repertoire to include the written word, giving me new tools with which to create and preserve stories, including my artist's book, Nothing Was Ever Said. I also developed my skills as a graphic designer, which enabled me to enter the ad agency world, as both a print production manager and advertising director. 

Through my avocation, Shotokan Karate, where I led self defense, I entered academic teaching with an array of real world experiences to share. Before landing at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, I taught at Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Nevada, Reno, and South Lake Tahoe Community College. 

My passion for teaching derives from my interest in preserving stories. I assist my students in using multimedia technologies to share people's stories. Some of their work is available at CJ 184.002 video projects, This Is Women's Studies, which was created as part of the university's centennial celebration.