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College Democrats

Org Info

We are the official branch of the Democratic Party on campus. We are an inclusive student organization that works to promote progressive, Democratic Party values and to elect Democrats at local, state, and federal levels.

Facts: We meet every Thursday at 5pm in Centennial hall room 2931. At meetings we discuss the recent politics events happening across the country and the state. We also discuss different upcoming events and opportunities that members will be able to be involved in.

Director/leaders: Our faculty advisor is Nuria Hoff, and I am currently the Chair of the organization and Tori Wensloff is the Vice Chair. We will be having our board elections coming up on December 5th, so we will be bringing in a new board for 2020.

Recent trips: We traveled to Madison back in October for College Democrats of Wisconsin Western Summit. We got to connect with other chapters of College Democrats from across the state, hear from guest speakers, and do some phone/text banking as well.

Opportunities: Members will be able to learn about internships or service learning opportunities through different Democratic campaigns, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin or the Eau Claire County Democratic Party, which we have a great partnership with. Members are able to go canvassing or door knocking for candidates, make phone calls or send texts to help insure Democratic victories across the state and country.

Majors: No required major at all! What is really cool about our organization is that we bring people together from different majors or areas of study. If you’re a student, come to our meetings every Thursday at 5 in Centennial 2931, we’d be happy to have you! All are welcome.

Size/Members: We have a good amount of consistent members, Blugold Connect only says that we have 10, but we definitely have more than that in reality. A typical meeting will have around 20-30 attendees, give or take certain weeks, which is probably about the amount of half our total members, as we have other members not always being able to attend because of other commitments, etc.

Group bonding: We’ve been having a lot of debate watch parties with the 2020 Democratic primaries happening soon, so that has been really good in terms of group bonding. We definitely bond as a student organization when we do phone banking or go knocking doors for candidates, because that definitely unites us toward the same cause.

Off season: As young Democrats in Wisconsin, the most important state going into 2020, we do not really have an off season. In the summer, we can still do volunteering through the Eau Claire County Party and the Wisconsin Democrats.