POLS 265 - Dr. Eunsook Jung

Problems of Developing Nations

This course explores the political, economic, and social challenges of Third World development. It presents cutting edge theoretical and empirical research in the field of political economy, and draws on evidence from around the world including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. In doing so, it covers a wide range of contemporary issues affecting developing countries. Students will learn to critically understand and analyze the problems of developing countries. Students will work in small groups and become an expert on one country in the developing world.

Suggested Courses

POLS 122: Introduction to World Politics

POLS 122: Introduction to World Politics

This class is aimed at introducing students to the fundamental concepts, ideas, theories, and methods utilized in the study of global politics.

POLS 122
Political Science

Political Science

The principle objective of this course is to investigate the US foreign policy making process and debate the best foreign policies that the US should adopt.

POLS 330
POLS 338: Judicial Politics

POLS 338: Judicial Politics

A study of the judicial system and judicial policy-making, emphasizing the U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal judiciary.

POLS 338

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