WMNS 100: U.S. Women's Experience: Gender, Race, and Class

Dr. Jamie Browning

This course invites you to critically think about the ways in which gender and its intersection with race, class, and other interlocking systems of power shape U.S. women's experience and the way women's agency has shaped these systems of power. The course emphasizes a multiracial perspective and encourages you to understand U.S. women?s experience from a relational worldview that takes into consideration a wide range of U.S. social contexts, the natural world, and transnational and global contexts.

Throughout this semester, we will work together to explore feminist views and tools that help us not only understand the connection between personal experience and structures of oppression but also imagine and create social change. Topics will include identity, body image, sexuality, relationships, work, welfare, health, crime, the military, the environment, and the global corporate economy.

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