WRIT 114 - Dr. Peter Knutson

Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing

This course is designed to ground first-year students in the reading, writing, and rhetorical demands necessary for success in college and beyond. This class teaches students to be both critical readers of complex texts and critical writers of effective texts. The key to critical reading and writing is rhetorical knowledge. Rhetoric is foundational for this course because it allows you, on the one hand, to understand how other people's texts affect readers and attempt persuasion, and on the other, to compose effective and purposeful texts yourself.

Rhetorical knowledge prepares you to participate in and respond to nearly any conceivable writing situation, whether it be another college course, certain professional demands, or personal needs. At its most basic but most profound level, writing is about making choices, and this course teaches you how to identify other writers? choices and how to make your own across a variety of writing situations.

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