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Open Eau Claire


Below is a list of all honors courses in our repository.

100-Level Honors Colloquia

Course Deparment Number Instructor
Scandals and Politics HNRS 121 Dr. Geoff Peterson
Demanding to be Seen: Representation in Pop Culture HNRS 122 Dr. Jamie Browning
Finding Balance: An Investigation of Women, Work, and Family HNRS 127 Dr. Kristine Knutson
Reproductive Justice HNRS 132 Professor Hannah Luedtke
Religion, Healing, and Medicine HNRS 133 Dr. Jarrod Hyam
Muggle Magic: Making Harry Potter a Global Phenomenon HNRS 141 Dr. Emily Anderson
Introduction to Studio Art Practice HNRS 147 Professor Amanda Bulger
Songs and Symphonies HNRS 147 Professor Jacob Grewe
Question Everything: Living in the Information Age HNRS 158 Professor Eric Jennings
Cultivating Creativity HNRS 171 Dr. Anne Hlas
Activism, Rhetoric, and the Public Square HNRS 189 Dr. Carey Applegate

300-Level Honors Colloquia

Course Department Number Instructor
Fermentation: Cultures Meet Culture HNRS 318 Dr. Scott Bailey-Hartsel
The Art [AND] Science of Do-it-Yourself Multimedia HNRS 325 Dr. April Pierson
Animals are People, too: What we Talk about When We Talk about Animals HNRS 332 Dr. Stephanie Turner
Game of Thrones: Fiction + TV Epic HNRS 335 Dr. Janice Bogstad
Identity & Illness: Literature + Medicine HNRS 338 Dr. Jenny Shaddock
Leaving it All on Stage: The Power of Dramatic Writing HNRS 341 Dr. Jack Bushnell
Empathy Enhancement for Helping Professionals HNRS 345 Dr. Cheryl Lapp
Take Action: Mentoring Youth Who Have Differing Abilities HNRS 385 Professor Angie Weideman
Cultural and Environmental Consequences of the Fort Laramie Treaties HNRS 389 Professor Robert Bell

Honors Electives 

Course Department Number Instructor
Honors - Principles of Accounting I ACCT 201 Professor Sheril Gilberstadt
Honors – Principles of Accounting II ACCT 202 Dr. Ling Liu
Honors - Exploring the Living World BIOL 106 Dr. David Lonzarich
Honors - Biological Foundations of Inquiry BIOL 223 Dr. Todd Wellnitz
Honors - General Chemistry II CHEM 109 Dr. Krysti Knoche
Honors - Multimedia Communication CJ 184 Professor Ellen Mahaffy
Honors - Principles of Finance FIN 320 Professor Mark Alfuth
Honors – What is Happiness? PHIL 200 Dr. Kristin Schaupp
Honors - General Physics PHYS 211 Dr. J. Erik Hendrickson
Honors - Introduction to Social Welfare SW 100 Dr. Lisa Quinn-Lee

 Honors Seminars

Seminar Department Number Instructor
First-Year Honors Seminar HNRS 100 Upper-Class Honors Student Mentors
Senior Honors Seminar HNRS 400 Honors Faculty
Mentoring in Honors HNRS 410 Honors Faculty
Tutoring in Honors HNRS 420 Honors Faculty